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Welcome to Iso Omena!

Omena is a pleasant family-sized shopping centre in Matinkylä, Espoo. Iso Omena is a block full of services. There are more than 180 stores specialising in fashion, home décor, leisure and wellbeing, which offer everything you and your family might need. Meanwhile, our full-service supermarkets contain all the necessary daily goods and groceries.

  • Piispansilta 11, FIN-02230 ESPOO
  • Control Room: +358 9 464 626

Contact Information

Kauppakeskus Iso Omena
Piispansilta 11, FIN-02230 ESPOO

Customer service

open: mon-fri 10am - 8pm, sat 10am - 6pm


Piispansilta 9 A, FIN-02230 ESPOO

Shopping Center Manager

Siim Rosenthal
tel. +358 40 643 2454

Property Manager

Esa Sihvonen
tel. +358 50 304 6693

Marketing Manager

Outi Koistinen
tel. +358 40 544 1636

Commercial Director

Sanna Yliniemi
tel. +358 41 456 3421

Control room

tel. +358 9 464 626

Lost Property

Customer service:
tel. +358 40-6744702
open: mon-fri 10am - 8pm, sat 10am - 6pm

Business and office facility rentals

tel. +358 207 664 508


Iso Omena has 1,200 free car parking spaces (parking time max. 3 h in P1; some 24 h outdoor parking also available)
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Public transport

Shopping centre Iso Omena is located in Matinkylä, Espoo, with excellent public transport connections and direct access to the Länsiväylä and Ring II motorways.
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