Shopping centre Iso Omena is located in the strongly developing neighbourhood of Matinkylä, Espoo (Helsinki Metropolitan Area). 

Iso Omena

The shopping centre has just undergone a major expansion project that was completed in 2017. Today Iso Omena has over 200 fashion, leisure and interior design shops, an excellent selection of grocery stores and a wide range of private and public services. It houses the Service Square of the City of Espoo, which offers the services of a modern library and a health centre. The heart of Iso Omena is the restaurant world M.E.E.T (Meet, Eat, Enjoy, Together), which boasts an impressive selection of high-quality food. The traffic connections to Iso Omena are excellent. The terminus of the first phase of the Länsimetro Western metro extension is located in the shopping centre, and the bus terminal for feeder traffic is located under the shopping centre.