Sustainability is part of our everyday work

Citycon has both a responsibility and an opportunity to make a positive impact on people, communities and the environment. We believe that operating sustainably is a key to creating long-term value. We are committed to sustainable development in everything we do.

By 2030 Citycon will be carbon neutral. Our portfolio will be 100% energy efficient and run by renewable energy. All our premises will be environmentally certified and directly connected to public transport and easily accessible by bicycle, foot and electrical vehicles.

Our strategy is built around six priority areas of our long-term sustainability promises

Carbon neutrality

Citycon reaches carbon neutrality by 2030

Community hub
Citycon brings people together

Circularity & natural resources
Citycon safeguards nature and biodiversity throughout its operations

Sustainable value chain
Citycon promotes sustainability together with its stakeholders

Sustainable mobility
Citycon promotes environmentally friendly transportation

Excellence in action
Citycon upholds transparent and credible sustainability actions

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