Striving for carbon-neutral shopping centres by 2030

Sustainability actions and targets

Iso Omena takes sustainability measures every single day. These measures are based on Citycon's sustainability strategy, which was updated in 2017. In recognition of its compliance with this strategy and attention to environmental matters, Iso Omena has been granted three environmental certificates, most recently the Breeam In Use certificate. These certificates are used to assess the recipient's environmental impacts, such as water and energy consumption, recycling and transport connections.

In the area of property maintenance and care, Iso Omena was granted the highest score ever received by a Finnish property in Breeam In Use certification assessment. In terms of the property, Iso Omena was ranked as one of the best in Finland. Iso Omena's extension has been granted the highest environmental classification, the LEED® Platinum certificate, in addition to which the shopping centre has received the Safe Retail Destination certificate, making it one of the first retail centres in Finland to receive this recognition.

In addition to the company's sustainability strategy, numerous other sustainability projects and initiatives are carried out at Iso Omena. Most of the operators in the shopping centre have implemented environmental and sustainability programmes that they comply with. When we work together, the sustainability goals are easier to achieve.