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11 – 20
10 – 21
11 – 20

At QiTea, you can enjoy the taste of different popular Asian drinks and experience the making of boba cups.

Founded in the heart of Helsinki, QiTea is an assembly of young and like-minded bubble tea lovers who aim to introduce the merit of the drink to the people here. Favoured by all ages, bubble tea has steadily entered Finland with the mission of bringing the Asian most popular drink to Nordic countries. At QiTea, we concentrate on the quality of our drinks by choosing the best ingredients. Tea leaves, matcha powder and the toppings are carefully selected. Combining milk products and tapioca pearls, we have improved the savour of bubble tea while preserving the traditional recipe. Together, we will continue to bring the famous bubble tea drinks with high quality in ingredients, taste and our service. Let's explore our selected drinks!



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