Coffee House

Opening hours

09 – 19
08 – 20
09 – 19
10 – 19

Exceptional opening hours

30.04.2024 Vappuaatto
12 – 18
01.05.2024 Vappu
12 – 18
09.05.2024 Helatorstai
12 – 18
21.06.2024 Juhannusaatto

Coffee House

Coffee House is more than a café An excellent breakfast alternative. The number one choice for a cup of coffee! Here in Coffee House, we believe that the most delicious moments are created with love and skill using first-rate ingredients. That is why we serve coffee and tea made by experts; croissants baked in-house, as well as our own bagels, toasties and smoothies. With us, you can always enjoy freshly ground coffee with a good conscience. Our own Momento espresso and our other coffee brand, Brazil, are UTZ certified. They are responsibly produced, with care for the environment and people.



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