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Phone maintain service and refurbished phones

Repair, recycle and refurbished phones at Iso Omena Quickly phone maintain service without an appointment, including 24-month warranty (battery warranty 12 months). Buy refurbished phones from our store in Espoo with a 12-month warranty. In addition, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of phone accessories and help with all questions related to phones. We buy phones for resale, and we recycle old devices free of charge. We offer relief for busy everyday life, welcome to our store to enjoy the uncomplicated service and get your business in order at once!



Fonum Oy

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Fonum Oy
Fonum Oy

Alk. 9,99 €

Älä anna puhelimesi sammua – varaudu hankkimalla varavirtalähde niitä tilanteita varten, kun pistorasiaa ei ole lähettyvillä. Saatavilla 5 000, 10 000 ja 20 000 mAh:n kapasiteetilla.

Fonum Oy
Kellopanssari asennettuna
Fonum Oy

9,99 €

Saatavilla älykelloille, urheilukelloille, perinteisille kelloille ja kellopuhelimille, jopa tuhansille eri merkeille ja malleille.

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