Naughty BRGR

Opening hours

11 – 22
11 – 21
11 – 22
12 – 20

Naughty BRGR - the best burger bar in the world!

NAUGHTY BRGR was founded by the first Finnish Top Chef winner Akseli Herlevi. He spent over 10 years in search of the best burger recipes in the world. Our culture is based on the best and the freshest ingredients. We develop and test our recipes constantly and our laid-back yet highly trained staff is among the best in the industry. Our burgers are made by chefs and our waiters will always serve you with a smile on their face and ready to fulfill your culinary desires. We are proud to be different and we aim to serve you with surprising culinary experiences. The first Naughty BRGR was opened in Helsinki 16.11.2015. Little sister Tampere was opened in September 2016, Turku in July 2017 and Jyväskylä in June 2018. Iso Omena is our burger family's 5th burger bar.

From us you can also order food with home delivery!




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